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Corporate Team Building
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Team Unity and Team Conflict Resolution
General Manager - Emperor's Palace, Gauteng

The workshop was both entertaining and thought provoking.

The feedback from the team was that they were engaged and were able to tie a lot of what they had learned on IIE into this, ie better apply the theory with the how. This workshop was invaluable in assisting to understand peoples differences and also to practically tie in some of the learnings of other training into a useful day to day way.

Many thanks for the training, it gave the team a great boost before what is always a busy Christmas Season.
HOD - Shop Stewards - Team Unity programme - Secunda

After the praise session a shop steward, who had not attended the first 2 day session, praised everyone for their changed attitudes and behaviours, and the fact that there were no "long faces", which was normally the case.
He recognised the new spirit and the new relationship and said that, even though there will be tough issues to work through in the future, he believed that these would be handled more easily because of the much-improved relationships.
• The programme is an asset to the development of people and South Africa.
• I learned a lot more about myself and what has affected me over my work and personal career, the personality sessions was a real eye opener to me.
• This team building focused for me on how people "work" and how they would like to be treated.
• What I enjoyed the most was the interaction between levels of the organisations. And the discovery of yourself in other people's eyes.
MAN Truck and Bus - Team Feedback