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Corporate Team Building
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Corporate Team Building
There are numerous ways to build teams. The methodologies used are based on the opportunites sought, and the challenges faced, in each individual workplace teams.

Teams can be build through fun, through diversity, from challenges and out of conflict.
Choosing your Team Building
1. Teams are overworked and tired after completion of a big project.
Some of the challenges and options
Diversity Management/ Team Building
Traditional diversity training can often build skills but sadly can further divide teams and team members.
Celebrating Humanity Diversity Team Builds and Diversity Management programmes, build motivation, teamwork, skills, respect and relationships - through fun and total team participation
Team Unity and Team Conflict Resolution
Celebrating Humanity Team Unity Programmes are proven to clear conflict, build teams and develop peer-accepted codes of conducts for work teams, which are then sustainably managed into the future.
The result is self-managed, professional, motivational, accountable and focused teams who are clear of past interpesonal challenges.
The choice of the right kind of team building, for your team and organisational needs, are based in understanding the challenges that are being faced and the outcomes that you seek.

It is of critical importance, to the success of your organisation, that the correct choice is made.
We will happily help you to do so.
3. New, or underperforming teams. Team members are not working well and the signs are showing.
• They may just need to have some fun and to relax.
2. There is a lack of diversity understanding, communication, relationships and results are poor.
• A Team Building for Diverse teams with a Team Unity programme to ensure change and sustainability
• Team Conflict Resolution (Team Unity) programme is essential to set up a professional, clear, accountable and focused team.
• This will clear gossiping, backstabbing, inappropriate behaviour, conflict and interpersonal issues.
• Long term sustainability and team motivation, is ensured through ongoing Values Circle meetings.